Our Story

Meet Pippa, the face and founder behind @decksandco.

Her journey began after relocating for her partners work in early 2017, leaving the comforts and busy life of working and living in Perth City for a remote, small town 1200km north and in the middle of the Western Australian outback, Newman.

A few weeks after arriving in the town the couple found out they were expecting a little boy, with Pippa's love for interior styling and all things wood and white she began searching for beautiful items for the little mans nursery. With no access to any boutiques, or a children's store in Newman, she began a love affair with the internet and online shopping - Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, every online shop you could think of was looked into and loved. However, too often them not shipping to this town, she now calls home was more than likely to be more expensive than the item itself or shipping, was not offered.

Having both her parents live in Bali for the past 6 years, with her father running businesses over there and her mother semi-retired, the idea arose to make them themselves. With a very talented mum and dad, the family began making A-Frames and Hanging Teether's for the new baby's room.

With friends and family loving what had been made and asking for their own, her much loved small family business; @decksandco began.

She has great visions for the business and aims to eventually offer everything from nursery decor to boutique natural wooden toys for children.